Every car owner would love to keep their beloved ride in a pristine condition for as long as they can. Regular waxing and polishing might help, but that constant need for maintenance can feel exhausting, but even worse, signs of deterioration are still bound to show over time. 

What if I told you there is a more permanent and secure option that can preserve the ‘’new’’ look of your car for years. According to La Jolla Mobile Car Detail, Ceramic Coating is the best solution to protect your car once, and with little to no maintenance, you can enjoy the showroom-ready looks for a long time.

Introduction to Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coating is the facelift you want to give your car and ensure protection against scratches, dirt, stains, etc. It’s a chemical polymer solution that is used to add another layer of protection over the exterior and preserve the original paint. Ceramic Coating Bay Area 
and the paint together form a new, hydrophobic cover that adds additional shielding while keeping the color and shine of your car intact. Chemical characteristics also allow it to withstand rain, heat or any other element.

Here’s What You Get

Ceramic coating is the alternative to waxing. You need only apply it every 2-3 years, and never again worry about scratches, grime and dirt. Waxing on the other hand needs to be applied every 3 months, at least, if you want to compete with Ceramic coating.

It is much easier to clean your car. The Coating repels water, and a simple water hose can easily remove any mud or water stains with a quick spray. This means that one car wash every now and then will be enough.

Parking your car outside means that it will be exposed to dangerous UV rays. These can quickly ruin the paint job and make it look old much faster than intended. Applying ceramic coating will solve this problem.

Chemical stains are hard to avoid in a polluted area, also bird droppings also leave nasty stains if not taken care of in time. Being a repellent that it is, ceramic coating does not allow stains to stick to the paintjob.